Yeoman’s Curse (Kirsoval Scourge #2) by T.C. Archer

The Kirsoval Scourge Book Two

Some things lost are too dangerous to be found.

Some call her a pirate, but Destiny calls herself treasure hunter. When she and her lover Shane Richards happen upon a derelict Kirsoval harem slave ship, they chance a salvage operation that could be the bonanza of a lifetime…or a lifetime of horror. But when it comes to Kirsoval treasure, there may be no one better suited than Richards to face the dangers. His dark violet eyes are the only hint of the Kirsoval blood that flows through his veins—the very thing that might save them, or pit Destiny against the man she loves.

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts:

Well, how to begin on this one? First, let me start off by saying that I don’t read science fiction—ever. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not a genre I typically enjoy. So, color me surprised when I agreed to read Yeoman’s Curse. I figured that it’s only 50 odd pages and that wouldn’t hurt too much. I’d just grin and bear it. And the cover was sexy so it haaaaad to be good, right?!? Clearly, my expectations were not very high at all. Can I just say, WOW!!!! I am so glad that I read this book. Although it was a short it was intriguing and had a chilling thrill to it as well. Oh, and let’s not forget the smexy times because they were present and accounted for and nicely sprinkled throughout the story.

I enjoyed the setup for Yeoman’s Curse. The story is simple really–Destiny and her co-pilot Richards are treasure hunters *cough…cough…space pirates…cough…cough* who have discovered the find of a lifetime in a Kirsoval slave ship. Thinking that they will find fortune and fame and treasure on the ship, they dock their ship, the Pale Dawn next to the Yeoman’s Paradise. But paradise was not to be found on that ship. What they did find tested Destiny’s sanity and the bonds of the couple’s relationship. The story definitely kept me on the edge of my seat—especially when that little “surprise” kept popping up. After the second time I was screaming “what the heck?!?!?!” Shoot, I thought I was going crazy. LMBO

I would definitely recommend this story to romance aficionados who have never ventured into the sci-fi genre. This story is an excellent crossover for those of us who enjoy hefty doses of romance in our fiction. Archer does a masterfully job conveying a very unique and thriller story in a very small number of pages. Outstanding job, indeed!

Ratings Detail:

Rating for female protagonist: 4★ Rating for secondary characters: 4★ Plot Viability: 4★ General Storyline: 4★ Story Ending: 4★

Ease of Reading: 4★

Overall rating: 4★

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