Witch’s Bounty (The Witch Chronicles, Book #1) by Ann Gimpel

One of only three remaining demon-stalking witches, Colleen is almost the last of her kind. Along with her familiar, a changeling spirit, she was hoping for a few months of quiet, running a small magicians’ supply store in Fairbanks, Alaska. Peace isn’t in the cards, though. Demons are raising hell in Seattle. She’s on her way out the door to help, when a Sidhe shows up and demands she accompany him to northern England to quell a demon uprising there.

Duncan swallowed uneasy feelings when the Sidhe foisted demon containment off onto the witches two hundred years before. He’s annoyed when the Sidhe leader sends him to haul a witch across the Atlantic to bail them out. Until he sees the witch in question. Colleen is unquestionably the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Strong and gutsy, too. When she refuses to come with him, because she’s needed in Seattle, he immediately offers his assistance. Anything to remain in her presence.

Colleen can’t believe how gorgeous the Sidhe is, but she doesn’t have time for such nonsense. She, Jenna, and Roz are the only hedge Earth has against being overrun by Hell’s minions. Even with help from a powerful magic wielder like Duncan, the odds aren’t good and the demons know it. Sensing victory is within their grasp, they close in for the kill.

My Thoughts:

Witch’s Bounty is probably a book that I would not have picked up on my own. Not because of any fault of the authors because I actually enjoy her writing very much. No, my aversion to the book stems from my general ambivalence with witch’s as a book theme. However, I’m really glad that I gave this book a good read because it wasn’t what one would typically think of when they think of “witch”. Sure, there was a magical element to the story because it incorporated a good deal of myth and folklore — all of which I really enjoy as a whole. So, those aspects of the book made up for its “witchiness”. But Gimpel did an outstanding job incorporating so many different elements together in the story and they just worked!

I loved the almost Romeo and Juliet feel of Duncan and Colleen’s relationship. By all accounts, they should have never been together because of their respective lineage. Duncan and Colleen who should have been enemies or, at the least, tenuous allies, worked together to quell a demon uprising. With each deadly encounter, the couple’s desire, passion, and connection strengthened.

Although this book ended on a happy for now for the couple, the challenges facing Colleen and her witch sisters Roz and Jenna continue. And speaking of Roz and Jenna (who I hope will also be getting a story soon), they add a wonderful depth to the story along with Colleen’s familiar Bubba. The troop has faced many battles with evil but as the demons grow in strength, their individual and collective resilience will be tested. Witch’s Bounty delivers a potent combination of intrigue, action, passion, and mythology. An outstanding fiction cornucopia. 🙂

Ratings Detail:

Rating for male protagonist: 4★ Rating for female protagonist: 4★ Rating for secondary characters: 4★ Plot Viability: 4★ General Storyline: 4★ Story Ending: 4★ Ease of Reading: 4★

Overall rating: 4★

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