To Tame an Alpha by Joanna Wilson

Maxine James hightails it out of Oregon to Barcelona in an attempt to get away from one of her creepier clients at the strip club. Upon arrival, she meets a sexy local named Vincent, who seems more than what meets the eye.

Vincent Gutierrez has a secret… He’s the Alpha wolf of the local pack and a firm believer in the violent traditions of Lycans. More importantly, he thinks that he’s found his Mate in Maxine.

When Maxine’s stalker client comes across the ocean and attempt to take her back to the states, she’ll find that he won’t be the only thing she needs to worry about. Vincent is set in his wolfish ways and determines that there can only be one punishment fitting for someone who might harm his Mate. Will she be able to tame the Alpha? Or will the werewolf world and the violence that comes with it overwhelm her?

My Thoughts:

Oh dear. . . I dislike giving reviews for books less than three stars because I know authors put their hearts and souls into the books they publish. But, I have to give an honest review and hope that my comments are helpful to the author.

Although I applaud Ms. Wilson on her writing effort, I have to say that the book was a bit lacking for me. There was absolutely no flow to this book. Characters were introduced and things occurred in a haphazard sequence. For example, how did Jeremy track Max everywhere? Chuck mentioned that he was tracking her credit card, but how? She changed her cellphone number several times and he found it. How? The average person doesn’t have THAT kind of skill and no information was provided on how Jeremy came about it. I understand that this was a short story but even so, it still should have had plausible elements. The relationship between Max and Vince was instantaneous. After they make love, Max waxes on about how she wanted their “tumble in the sheets for a long time.” However, because the sequencing is so disjointed it appears that a “long time” is only a handful of days. And, after their romp in the sheets, Vince reveals the “big secret.” Suddenly, Max knows that they are werewolves and that she his mate, which is a bit farfetched since Vince revealed almost nothing to her. I think all of these issues would have been less noticeable to me had the story been longer.

My parting comment is about the editing. The book switched tenses in the same sentences, and words were missing that should have been present. The story could have only benefited from a cursory edit or beta read.

I wish Ms. Wilson the best; unfortunately, I will not be continuing with this series.

Ratings Detail:

Rating for female protagonist: 2★ Rating for secondary characters: 2★ Plot Viability: 2★ General Storyline: 2★ Story Ending: 2★

Ease of Reading: 3★

Overall rating: 2½★

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