Siren’s Song (Gray Court, #5) by Dana Marie Bell

A crescendo of evil could destroy their perfect harmony.

Oberon is well and truly lost, with no memory of who he is, where he came from, or where he’s going. One woman makes his palms sweat and his heart race, a woman with turquoise eyes and a beautiful voice. Instinct tells him she’s the only one who can save him.

Cassie knows the truth—he is the High King, her truebond, the one man born to be hers and hers alone. Restoring his memory and keeping him out of the Black Court’s clutches is her mission, though success means losing him. Yet to give the world back its High King, she will make that sacrifice.

As soon as Oberon’s memory comes crashing back through his mind’s closed door, he makes one vow. Though beset by enemies, chased and attacked, he will return to his rightful place with his Queen by his side.

Except when he makes good on his vow, all hell breaks loose. And when Cassie’s life is threatened, the fae world will bow before the High King or pay the price in blood.

My Thoughts:

I fell in love with Dana Marie Bell‘s writing after reader her Halle Pumas series. Since then, I have pretty much gobbled up all the books in several of her other series. The Gray Court is just as entertaining but is not as lighthearted as some of Bell’s other series. Oh…don’t get me wrong. There are funny moments and the stories are just as good but the story line is much more serious with its plots and machinations. The characters in these books play political games that are for keeps. The white against the black. The black against the gray. No…the gray against the white. Who the heck can keep up?!?! The motivations of the characters change from book to book and I love it! Each book introduces characters that show you their stories and don’t just tell them. And, Siren’s Song was no different. Cassie and Oberon were probably among my favorite characters in the series, minus Leo and Ruby. They will always have my heart because they introduced me to this intriguing series. But Oberon is in a league of his own so you cannot help but love the High King. And Cassie…dear, sweet, Cassie. I just wanted to give her (and Dayton) a hug because of the way their family treated them. They were virtual outcasts in their family because they didn’t hold the traditional beauty of her heritage — the Atlantians. But fortunately for them, they had each other and Cassie had the Dunne’s and Robin Goodfellow in her corner. They watched out for her and had her back as strongly as her brother did. Shane Dunne warned her that her truebond, Oberon, was in danger and Cassie literally drops everything to go to his aid. When Cassie meets up with Oberon he is strong and healthy only his memory is gone. Like completely. He has no idea who he is or where he is going. Cassie helps him slowly regain her memory but doing so puts her in the direct line of fire of those who plot against the King…and her. Cassie and Oberon are very sweet together. He is very gray while she is all shades of beautiful turquoise. But their colors and harmonies blend together as beautifully as Oberon saves his truebond in the only way he can. After he saves her, they are irrevocably bound together and Oberon refuses to let her go. He protects her and loves her — in his way — and shields her from the barbs of her evil family. Gah! I hated them. Absolutely hated them. Save her brother, there was no redeeming qualities among them. The fact that they would use their children as pawns was despicable. And that sister, Demetria…she should have died from something awful…like fiery crabs. She is a mermaid after all…that would be appropriate :D. The story as a whole was very written, as to be expected with Bell. The plot was complex and had many hidden facets because those who you thought were bad, were not, and those who should have been good were playing games with people’s lives.

I appreciated how we get to see the parental side of Robin, with his son Raven. Robin is deadly and protective when it comes to protecting those he cares about and he has proved that all throughout the series. But he is gentle, kind, and accepting of his son. I also liked Raven a lot. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about him after he defected from the Black court but he is proving himself to be a valuable asset and Blade. I will love seeing how he interacts with Ruby’s friend Amanda in the next book.

If you love paranormal romance with an urban fantasy feel, you should definitely check out Bell‘s Gray Court series. The series is rife with all kinds of paranormals — literally, all kinds including dragons, sirens, faefolk, goblins, brownies, and vampires — and each one brings a wonderful dimension to the series that cannot be missed.

Ratings Detail:

Rating for male protagonist: 4★
Rating for female protagonist: 4★
Rating for secondary characters: 4★
Plot Viability: 4★
General Storyline: 4★
Story Ending: 4★
Ease of Reading: 4★
Heat Level: 4★

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