Dangerous Curves by Adriana Hunter

My Rating: ❤❤

Book Description:
True chemistry must never be denied…

Kelly Williams has curves — soft, delicious curves. The kind of voluptuous body that guys like Alex Carter, the man of her dreams, would never notice, much less appreciate.

When Kelly lands a job at the local radio station, she is excited about her future. Her voice is perfect for radio and her bubbly personality attracts listeners from around the country. Including Alex. So when he calls in to answer a trivia question he seizes the opportunity to ask Kelly out, to which her colleagues dare her to accept. But Kelly doesn’t need coaxing, realizing that the man asking her out is the same one that has overlooked her for years. She figures it’s a great way to teach him a lesson about being superficial.

Alex is usually attracted to long-legged blondes and can’t believe that he asked out a complete stranger. It isn’t like him to be so open, much less to go out with a woman that he’s never seen before but something about Kelly’s voice and personality has drawn him in and he can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

Can chemistry win in the end, and will Alex see beyond the exterior into the heart of a woman that might just be his perfect match?

Page Count: 28 Pages

My Thoughts:
The story is simple: a plus size woman, although she was probably a size 10 or 12, has an unrequited love for the college big man on campus who doesn’t even know she is alive. Years later they meet they meet up and have a tryst…the end. Literally, it really is that simple.

Kelly is a successful radio show host who drives her male listeners wild with her sexy and sultry voice. Alex, now a very successful business tycoon, calls into the show to answer a trivia question. But, Alex doesn’t want to win the radio show prize…he wants a date with Kelly who is simultaneously thrilled and hesitant. Kelly knows that Alex is only attracted to her voice and that he will be disappointed when he sees her in the flesh.

→ Fast Forward ← to date night. Alex sees Kelly for the first time is pleasant surprised that, although she is not his normal type, he is very attracted to her. Kelly and Alex go to a very posh restaurant and enjoy each other’s company but during the dinner Alex has a niggling feeling that he knows Kelly from somewhere. Kelly outright lies when Alex asks her about where she grew up and went to school. She doesn’t want to admit that she knows who she is. They end their evening by sleeping together and she slips out of his bed like a thief in the night when he falls asleep.

Alex wakes the next morning hoping to get some morning loving from his curvaceous bed mate. However, he only finds a cold and very vacant spot next to him. He immediately tracks Kelly down, sends her flowers at work, and invites her to call him. When she doesn’t call, he shows up at her apartment and confronts her about her lies because he now knows who she is…who she really is.

And the rest of the story is: they argue, have steamy sex, and live happily ever…or at least until the end of the book.

The price for this novella was $2.99. In my opinion, it definitely was not worth this price point for primarily two reasons:

  1. The book was only 28 pages long. I have purchased full length novels at that price. Now, I have to say that my earlier use of “fast forward” is a bit comedic because really, how much can you fast forward in a 28 page book?
  2.  Editing was non-existent in the book. There is one place where the author writes, “Was she onto her…” and she should have been he. In another place the author writes, “Her foolish hard did that flip flop…” Hard should have been heart.

Beyond the editorial challenges, the story was not compelling and the characters were a bit bland and one dimensional.

I did not hate the story but it won’t make an appearance on my ‘read again’ list either.

Reading Time: 15 minutes