Calleigh’s Collar (Le Club #1) by Skye Michaels

My Rating: ❤❤

Book Description:
When Calleigh Roundtree, a young architect, is asked to design a renovation of an old Victorian mansion located in the historic district of Ocala, Florida, she works with local attorney Jason Steele on the plans. Sparks fly. Calleigh has no idea that it is to be a very private, luxurious BDSM club with only ten members. All of the renovation team sign confidentiality agreements.

Unbeknownst to Calleigh, she is overheard speaking about the project to a friend, thus breaching the confidentiality agreement, which puts her into the hands of Jason, one of the members of the club, for a weekend as his sub. When the members of the club find out she has breached the agreement, she is to be publicly punished at the club or face legal action for the breach of agreement. Calleigh has to trust Jason to handle the punishment and protect her.

My Thoughts:
This was an odd story of sorts and felt very chaotic at times with the simultaneous stories of Calleigh and Jason, Paula and Trent, and Robbie and Mike. There was just too much going on in this little novella. Consequently, the reader was only able to glean a superficial feel for each of the characters.

I won’t provide a lot of detail in this review because, frankly, there wasn’t much meat to this story at all. Beyond its chaotic nature, the story felt rushed and incomplete, especially between Paula and Trent. And sadly, as a result, I was unable to really engage in it  or even care what happened next to the characters.

My constant complaint with these kinds of books is that every woman has underlying submissive tendencies that are just waiting to emerge at the hands of a skilled Dom. Gah! Whatever!   Just once I’d just like to read a book where the woman does not get wet from a spanking and actually tells the man NO!!! and really mean it. But, unfortunately pop culture has dictated the new-age-submissive-woman phenomena.

The story was not overly steamy but contained elements of  “soft”  BDSM: primarily spanking, public exhibition, and sex toy usage.

Reading Time: 2 Hours

One thought on “Calleigh’s Collar (Le Club #1) by Skye Michaels

  1. Thanks for your review. This was my first book and I have learned a lot since then. I wish you would take a look at my latest, The Appearance of Impropriety by Skye Michaels. It should be on Amazon any time now and is currently available on Bookstrand. It has no elements of BDSM at all as they did not fit the story about Tori, partner in a downtown Miami litigation firm, and Zack, polo player and businessman. It’s about 70k words – up substantially from the first LeClub book, which was the first of six, each one progressively longer and better. There is a learning curve to this as well as anything else. Let me know and I’ll send you an ARC copy. Thanks again. – Skye

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